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Fabolous Explains How He Got His Rap Name


When I started I had trouble picking a rap name bcuz My hood nickname didnt seem like a “rapper name” & my 1st initial which i used alot couldnt work bcuz of another well known “Jay” from Brooklyn. Bcuz of my wordplay, my moniker was “The Fabolous Vocabulist”.. I met DJ Clue at Hot 97 & spit for him. In the rap, the moniker was dropped. From there he went on to call me Fabolous & also Fabolous Sport. (Sport was my hood nickname) It gained popularity quick while I sat back & watched a mistake become my name. So today I look at the irony of taking a mistake and making it look correct. Moral of the story is every mistake, somethin can be taken from it, learned from it or made from it. My mistake made me FABOLOUS

Behind The Scenes: Cassie ft. Fabolous – I Love It

Cassie and Fabolous shot a video for their track, “I Love It,” off of Cassie’s, “RockaByeBaby,” mixtape. Stay tuned for the video and Loso’s Way II is coming soon!

Produced By Nigel D.

Photos: Cassie & Fabolous Shoot A Video For “I Love It”

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie and Fabolous shot a video for, “I Love It,” off of Cassie’s new mixtape, “RockaByeBaby,” in LA. Check a few shots from the shoot and make sure to download Cassie’s, “RockaByeBaby,” mixtape.

Photos By Nigel D.

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Cassie x Fabolous "I Luv It" Video Shoot

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to my first LOVE, my mother Deborah Jackson-Cain. As I had dinner with her tonight & she told me stories of how she worked Christmas holiday jobs at Barney’s New York so she would have extra money to buy me & brother what we wanted for Christmas OR when I had hoop dreams and she saw me practicing jumpshots by myself & the ball would bounce away from me & she came to the court so she could throw the ball back to me OR when I got locked up and she put all she had to bail me out bcuz she wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about me spending a night in jail, I realized this woman has been there for me my whole life and there’s no one else I can say that about. She is my leader and I genuinely & unconditionally love her. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers who have sacrificed & done all they could do & beyond for there children. Mothers are our leaders, and even tho they deserve more than a day of recognition I hope y’all took time to honor your mothers today #YoungDeborahAt16YrsOld
- Fabolous

Video: Fabolous On Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club questions Fabolous about, Loso’s Way II, staying relevant and NYC Hip Hop.

Video: The Life Is So Exciting Tour Hits New York (Lil Mo Makes A Surprise Appearance)

Fabolous and Pusha T had New York in a frenzy when they brought their, “The Life Is So Exciting,” tour to BB Kings. Fabolous had some surprises for the crowd with, Wale, Joe Budden, Teyana Taylor and Troy Ave coming out. The climax of the night was Fabolous bringing out, Lil Mo, to perform their classic, “Superwoman.”

Make sure to get your tickets to,“The Life Is So Exciting” Tour.

My Fabolous Night In Vegas

This weekend, Fabolous took a break from his “Life Is So Exciting” Tour with Pusha T to head out to Vegas for the Mayweather vs Guerrero Fight at MGM Grand. While there he caught up with a few fellow celebs, partied with Chris Brown at his birthday party and took over Diddy’s Fight Night After party at the Palms. Check out the photos and video and see for yourself. [Visuals by Rome]

MTV Jams Presents: Fabolous’ Pre Tour Rituals

Fabolous shows how he got prepared for, “The Life Is So Exciting,” tour, get your tickets now.

Video: Fabolous Speaks On The “Ready” Video, Staying Relevant & Upcoming Album

Fabolous speaks backstage at 106 & Park about the, “Ready” video, staying relevant & “Loso’s Way II.”

Video: Fabolous Speaks On His New Single & Video "Ready"

Fabolous talks about working with Chris Brown and Violetta

on his new music video “Ready.” He also looks back at his 1998 video “So Into You” with Tamia.

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