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Fabolous’ Flicks: Empire Promo

Today was a movie. Well really a TV series… LOL. I did a pop up performance on a double decker bus in Union Square in NYC for the new series Empire!! Starring @tarajiphenson & Terrence Howard. Premieres Jan 7th, make sure yall check...


Fabolous On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

How did your business relationship with Roc Nation manifest? Lenny [Santiago] was always my A&R on my Def Jam projects and I know Jay Brown from Elektra days. Even Jay-Z and Ty Ty, they’re all like family to me. But I got rid of my old...


Fabolous On Sway In The Morning (Freestyles)

Fa-bo-lo-us swung by Sway in the Morning yesterday morning and blessed us with his first freestyle of the year.While in-studio, he also broke down some of his word-play and lyrics, plus who he would love to collaborate with before his career is...

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