• disqus_n72OsZb6D0

    No love for the texas fans … :/ would have liked to see my fav mc.

  • No Dallas, TX dates though #really-tho?

  • fuckit

    How the fuck you go to Minnesota and not Texas…Come on now…

  • AP

    Where Dallas? No love for Texas, I see. Smh

  • no PA damn?

  • No Chicago

  • going to be on fire

  • Jason Johnson

    no miami??

  • No Miami or Orlando .. Sooooo disappointing πŸ™

  • Where’s Dallas??

  • Kia

    No love for Philly Fab?


  • You were coming to Raleigh, and now youre not. Why???? I was looking forward to seeing you.

  • envyteonli Productions

    Hey Fab Im trying to get you and Pusha at The Fontaine Bleau Ultra Lounge for a private after party when you get to Portland, OR please contact me at envyteonli@gmail.com

  • no chicago???
    yu wild 4 that 1 nbs smh

  • Jake Posner

    No miami…. only come here to party?

  • no Chicago?!?!?! wtf

  • Tampa FL????

  • no love for florida!

  • I still can’t believe they not coming to Atlanta!!!! That’s super WACK!!!!

  • 809fan!@gmail.com

    Damn FL gets no love…..

  • How u not coming to Chicago?!?!?!!!

  • Guess they dont think they have fans in FL =/

  • Bosston!!!!

  • i just moved from Milwaukee to Austin wtf. no love for TX

    • Sorry to tell you, but get used to it, even if he came here and packed a venue, the energy would be weak.

  • cherry

    Miami Fl πŸ™

  • St3ph

    no Orlando? we love FAB out here!

  • HoardersFan

    What about the east coast?

  • NO DMV TOUR?????

  • How the hell did I not know you would be in phoenix. Smh


  • Rober43210 .

    No FL? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • Eugene Stinson

    Musta be a mid west thang ret know “cause” he not scheduled for n.y. either

  • digital digital

    i see ya’ll got summn to say bout the town (minneapolis). “how you go to mpls and not texas” SO” like loso” fab gon do fab’ but’a a lil bout the town we be on digital shit real big stuff not that petty minded lil shit, give u a lil insight about some of us brothas straight out the ghetto up this way (minneapolis) we done did all that old shit from sock’n fools out to whatever else that happen, just ask them chicago people’ but’a yea aint nothing but digital thangs going on nowadays up this way’ from photography to video, editing, editors, inventors, visual, etc. some of go to school to learn this stuff but most of us teaching ourselfs and we got skills, we next bro’ wait till we get our turn to shine but ours gon be different we the ones you ain’t gon see’ you only gon see us through what we produce if you can keep up’ so for the dude from texas – ya’ll too slow down there, now you got a young boss started’ we don’t ride chrome or old played out shit’ can you see audi s lines from a5 -a8 v10 – v12 or gumpert apollo s or benz black series’ doing donuts and burnouts not giving a fuck bout the suckas, or band rings all ice and not too much metal blinging blue shine on ya’ll fools or stepping out looking like i just jump out of GQ nixxa! yea i know you probably too lame to overstand this boss type of way’ so the moral of the story is in every town or citie were the brothas and sistas at’ theirs a boss society, so it don’t matter were fabolous done went to, so now since you mentioned us i hope fabolous start taking a look at the movement in the town (minneapolis) from photographers, videographers, editors(pics & video), music engineers (beat makers & and whoever complete’n shit) and etc. Fab i talking bout get linked into the hood fam’ cause we cold at this digital life up this way” here’s one of my email address’s famo’ artandcameras@gmail just email me if you get some time bro’ and the rest gon be history. so back to the texas guy’ its all love bra’ just know what cha sayn when you get to tongue wrestling. now i really can’t speak bout the other parts of mn but’a i can address where i come from bra’ and we full game out this way from this to that smell me. we ever got rich the factor’ keepn it real about the town” we the best kept secret’ but now nixxa the cat out bag. soon as the first major artist fuck wit us we taking off like a G-5 nixxa or a Ferrari 599xx GTO.

  • feifei

    Come to NYC please… I need my b-day celebration from you!