A Preview Of The Nike Air Yeezy 2

Here is a preview of Kanye West’s upcoming, “Air Yeezy 2.” The first edition was a huge success, selling out instantly, do you expect the same for these?



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  1. 18 April 11, 9:48pm

    Wonder how much these will cost…

  2. Alecxandercano says
    18 April 11, 9:59pm


  3. BeYoNdeeZy says
    18 April 11, 11:15pm

    yep dere unbelieveable n da illest of dem all

  4. A$H says
    19 April 11, 7:28am

    These look like they’ll look better than the first pair. I wasn’t really feelin the first ones.

  5. Shyb76ers says
    20 April 11, 5:57am

    i need these


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