Burberry Prorsum Wedges

Burberry Prosum Wedgess bold suede and canvas pumps! I am in love, they reatil for $850.



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  1. fantasy says
    24 September 11, 10:58am

    love you

  2. fantasy says
    24 September 11, 11:01am

    no need for words .i care to tell you loves not going no where this is where it belongs this is where it stays . love you fab .

  3. fantasy says
    24 September 11, 9:18pm

    ok i see you was missing the rise and grind section. thanks.fab you do good always selling out shows . keep a packed house.

  4. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 1:06am

    im through with r-n-b and i care.i love an care about you fabolous.you the best .

  5. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 1:31am

    Thats right baby get out there an keep it moving .theses  are not these little nigga show’s . sit the fuck down sorry maybe family can support the little  bullshit too sad didnt even see they ass when they did have the t.v. bullshit show. these’s nigga are nasty. i mean sex porn star are what parents do not want that type of shit around.fabolous you are the positve type of person  god do want me around. baby its been about you since you made your way back to rap.the thorne been yours.no help from none of them nigga one thing i do know an love,an care about fabolous being real an never scared of none of you. if he said it he ment it nigga stop being a bitch .be up under a nigga nut sacks more then a little bit.fuck it fabolous keep your head in the game an selling out theses show’s .fuck brandy and family to if thehy want to get with it tell em where its at little nigga get caught in atl its going down off the rip shot’s from the front back all the way around.fuck ass sister still fucking getting ran over last thing we want to see is a fucking norwood.family all fucked .thank god my nigga dont got time to think about this shit out doing the new shit only a norwood nigga wish they were doing.money team nigga get real.i wanna fuck that little nigga world up so bad. its all good fabolous these little nigga need the points to get by with they money team .you are so right you dont get no points off none of these nigga i still dont see no one over you. so fall the fuck back te rest of you i care yes for fabolous  for life. he’s been the realest at all time .hell as long as nigga been going in on fabolous has he paid it any attention no. so whats good , nigga’s been ragging on his little wanna show the whole world .men as well as the rest. that was shot out to the fella’s in the first place . you could have stayed behind the scene an showed the other slut . thats all he is even his mother called him slut .what the fuck fabolous will be on in a few mintues.show out .an you got a new pair of shades on te way dont even worry about it.can i hand make them as well.so much tool on them let them look firing off on they ass automatic (not stopping). i care to say love you

  6. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 3:49am

    they are shoes.ok baby i fill better knowing that you are alive.shit world would not be the same with fabolous loso,smitty,john david jackosn . i care an love is for you.your true fantasy MMS

  7. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 3:53am


  8. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 8:13pm

    hey love .

  9. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 8:25pm

    im here an i care an love you more then you will ever know .

  10. fantasy says
    25 September 11, 8:37pm

    thank you i care an love you .

  11. fantasy says
    26 September 11, 6:31am

    I love and care to dead them all.fabolous only you


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