Celeb Style: Fabolous’ Liv Attire

#GameTime – Last night’s uniform at LIV.. It was a All Star game in there!! #SuedeDopeJacket #PauliesJeans #GucciTeeShirt #Jordan4s #Snapback


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  1. themaxiemillion.com says
    31 January 12, 8:55pm

    One doesn’t get the nick Fabolous because he’s good at flippin’ burgers, right?!

  2. 31 January 12, 9:00pm

    When i see those clothes i seriously think of Fab. 

    Deffenitly his gear 

  3. 31 January 12, 9:16pm

    you too fly, hook a nigga up w/ sum free snapbacks and jordans ….

  4. Shanxdamakman says
    01 February 12, 1:08am

    dats  flyer than fly issh

  5. Nictelescamgn says
    02 February 12, 3:50pm

    And that sick ass Hermes belt

    Swagg is on punto

  6. Nictelesca says
    02 February 12, 4:07pm

    Gucci t-shirt + Hermes Belt = Success


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