MyFabolousSwag Contest: Win Tickets To “The Soul Tape” Concert

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I know my fans got style. Let me pick the 10 most swagged out fans. I wanna see ya’ll at #TheSoulTapeNYC concert. Send me a pic of you in your ya outfit for it!

You can provide a link to your picture in the comments below or email your photo to

  • Consilda1


  • Scott Feldman

    knicks snapbak, goliath ny tee, lee cargo’s, true blue 3’s, white g-shock. mj wall in the backgournd. swagged out…….im SO NY like the folks who make playstaion #loso

  • Aurelio MistaFresh Mesa

    OG 8s always choose a dudes faith. Ill get picked first, maybe the dude with true blues will be 8th.. My 3s still in the box, never worn. Syles on point like a thorn, since I’ve been born. Let us mourn.. Soft porn, fuck them niggas slow! Yuh gotta pick me n fly me out bro, ahaa Milwaukee to Brooklyn!!!

  • fantasy

    I care if god you hear me can you hear me an make sure fabolous know that i care for the world plus more

  • fantasy

    I care so much for my fabolous you all in nyc take off on that swagg,know i care thats why im saying you all. I mean.I care.
    care to say swagg all the way to the max like if fab had to do the swagg bringing bridge that biggie care about.I care forever

  • Nate NYC

    I Won!!! Fab I Fucks With You, Shit Was To Easy, The Swag Drippin Off Me Like Jerry Curl Juice Maybe One Of These Niggas Should Mop That Shit Up. Niggas Aint Seen Fly Till They Seen I.

  • Gregory37

    was poping , i fuck with the hommie fab. real hood nigga. i dont no about the rest of them nyc niggas.

  • @TheRealMichaelP

    yo i won off the Osama Rich and deadstock true blues… i said id rock em for the first time if he chose me… oh yeah and the Brooklyn fitted!

    • @AuthenticBewtee

      how long ago did you send in your pic ? and how long did it take for them to tell you, you’ve won?

  • fantasy

    yes care about this one