Floss Or Toss: Nike Air Max 95 360

Nike has decided to update the design of the classic Air Max 95 with air bubbles. Good move?

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  1. Anthonyjausrin says
    21 September 11, 1:59am

    I get em jus cuz the 24/7 n max Jr comfyso they got to be a to

    • Conkey28 says
      18 October 11, 12:41am

       i agree with topboss, they are wack, and ugly

  2. Nyce says
    21 September 11, 8:30pm

    Ok so I love my classic 95s! love, love, love…this new design is nice, the air bubble extension is attractive, but the broad bands of color I would have to get used to…definitely a floss (for any season).

  3. Topboss says
    23 September 11, 9:38pm

    Hell noo WACK!!


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