Happy Ten Year Anniversary Fabolous!

Has it really been 10 years? Today is the 10th anniversary of Fabolous’s career. 10 years ago today Fabolous dropped Ghetto Fabolous and  his first single ” Can’t Deny It” and after that hit after hit. From Street Dreams, Real Talk, From Nothing to Something, and Loso’s Way the list goes on and on. From favorite album to equally favorite mixtapes, that may have you thinking it’s an album from the body of work. We are looking forward to many more years of Fabolous. Take a look down memory lane with pictures after this…

What are your favorite songs/lines off of, “Ghetto Fabolous”?

  • Syn

    Incredible! There’s too many hot bars n songs throughout his entire career to list, but, we truly love your work!

  • Consilda1

    I see alot of growth swagg anmature energy god has beeen good an i wish you more yrs to come