2013 Audi A3

Right on the heels of the A-Class announcement, Audi reveals its latest A3 hatchback. Seen here in its three-door European form, the new A3 is tauter and more coupe-like with a sportier look and efficient fuel economy. The new A3 lineup will come in TDI and TFSI flavors and will range from 120-hp all the way up to 180-hp. While we’re not sure which models will make their way stateside, Audi has confirmed that an A3 sedan variant will definitely land on our side of the shore. Tweet Read On

iPhone 4 4S Macro Lens 8X Magnification $69

This 8X macro lens turns your iPhone into a very powerful macro photography tool. The glass lens used in this product is top of the line. No other macro lenses for phones or flash video cameras even come close to the quality of this one. The lens is computer optimized for sharpness, color correction, and distortion control. - Etsy Tweet Read On

The Invisible Mercedes

A Mercedes covered with LED’s gives off the look of being invisible. Tweet Read On

Aston Martin Iphone

Check this out! Aston Martin Iphone! Very Cool. Tweet Read On

Alexander McQueen Check Silk-Blend Bomber Jacekt $1655

Alexander McQueen updates the iconic bomber jacket in a luxurious silk and cotton-blend fabric. The modish black and cream check fits in with the rebellious undercurrent pulsing through this rule-breaking British brand. - Mr. Porter Tweet Read On

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari has revealed the first images and information on the F12berlinetta, the most powerful and fastest Ferrari ever built, with a new V12 delivering 740 hp and a new aluminum spaceframe. - CarBodyDesign Tweet Read On

Video: Diddy Speaks On Winning An Oscar Award For “Undefeated”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Diddy reaches another career milestone by winning his first Oscar award. Tweet Read On

Celeb Style: Big Sean Anticipation 2our

Last night during the Anticipation 2our Big Sean killed it in his Jeremy Scott sweater and cheetah print Adidas Tweet Read On

Celeb Style: Fabolous Anticipation 2our

  Last nights events at the Anticipation 2our Fabolous spotted in Prps Jeans, Dave White Edition Air Jordans 1s, Dope Biker Jacket, Oliver People’s Shades with diamonds, Halfman Romantics Baseball shirt and New York Hat Co. From Vinnie’s #Swag Champ Photo Credit: Lenny “KodakLens” Santiago   Tweet Read On

Nail Art

Love this matte black and silver reverse french.  What do you think? Tweet Read On