Photo: Kanye West Spotted Rocking The Air Yeezy 2

Kanye West was spotted in London wearing the upcoming Nike Air Yeezy 2. No word yet on whether this will be the final design, leave your thoughts on the sneakers below.


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  1. 21 April 11, 1:10pm

    dammm those yeezy iz fire cant wait 2 they drop

  2. Loso Case you didnt Know So says
    21 April 11, 3:05pm

    Fab you took Amber away for a minute, now you gotta cop his shoes hahahaa

  3. 4Havoc says
    21 April 11, 5:27pm

    all black wax denim is dope. I think those Yeezy’s are just the prototypes thou so he can get the feedback from people and alter them if he needs to.

  4. kidharlem says
    21 April 11, 11:46pm

    shit’s is one word: WACK. worse than them g-unit reeboks. smh. kanye supposed to have swag, wtf is this garbage?

  5. Rafeeq says
    22 April 11, 1:48am

    I hate hating ass niggas…nigga them Yeezy’s go..word to ya motha

  6. Schenckjason2 says
    22 April 11, 7:26am

    Them joints fire

  7. Pmb0692 says
    22 April 11, 3:12pm


  8. Pmb0602 says
    22 April 11, 3:15pm

    LOL i want them!

  9. JayJ_o3 says
    07 May 11, 7:04pm

    it need a lil more flare to it tho @kinx81:twitter

  10. Starznskullz says
    08 October 11, 6:46am

    Very Flyyyy

  11. 08 October 11, 6:46am

    Very Fly

  12. 08 October 11, 6:46am

    very fly


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