Behind The Scenes: DJ Khaled ft. Fabolous, Jadakiss & Mary J. Blige – It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over

Fabolous took a flight from Paris, France over to L.A. to shoot DJ Khaled’s video for, “It Ain’t Over, Till It’s Over,” yesterday. Even after the ten and a half hour flight and going back nine hours on the clock Loso was still fresh for the video.

Photos by Nigel D.


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  1. BlackMan says
    28 June 11, 6:39pm

    Khaled bin Abdul Khaled is a 35 year old Arab man who exploits Black people and thinks people like him not realizing that its the artists on the songs the people like.

  2. Tierra says
    28 June 11, 9:21pm

    i thought that was mary j blige song

  3. RaMillz89 says
    22 November 11, 11:55pm

    i think he buys it and what ever money is made off of it he keeps


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