Fabolous’ Flicks: Fabolous Is Principal For A Day At Hutch Tech


Hutch Tech, Buffalo, NY

It was a fabulous day in Buffalo as chart-topping hip hop star Fabolous surprised Hutchinson Central Technical High School (Hutch Tech) as the celebrity principal for the day to recognize the school’s top place finish in the Graduate for Más Spring Challenge. Sponsored by the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens and national nonprofit Get Schooled, the friendly competition included more than 1,000 high schools across the country in a bid to improve high school graduation rates and college and career readiness skills.

Hutch Tech students were in huge anticipation of their guest principal, checking Get Schooled’s Twitter and Instagram devotedly since their victory. All along Fabolous had been behind the scenes with Hutch Tech Principal Cimato to come up with the best Get Schooled celebration. Fabolous kicked things off announcing his surprise visit to the Hutch Tech student body through the loudspeaker, which caused the school to go into a state of disbelief that the celebrity celebration was actually happening. Tech Nation was ready to let loose on this last day of school.

via Get Schooled


After classroom visits and VIP time with Hutch Tech’s most active students, Principal Fabolous was ready to rally 1000 students for the all school celebration in the auditorium. The school spirit was at an all-time high as you could hear chants of “Fabolous” and “Hutch Tech” right before the celebrity principal took stage. The students erupted as Principal Fabolous came on stage and bringing his new rap act Lil C (Principal Cimato’s alter rap ego). Every student’s cell phone was capturing the moment. Lil C and Fabolous shared a few words and went into a fresh Get Schooled freestyle. The show followed up with principal Fabolous sharing inspiring educational words and then going into a Tech Nation battle for pride.

“Educate yourself and gain knowledge of everything so you can be a better leader” – Principal Fabolous.

  • Joseph Harris

    The call me J.O straight up from buffalo cause I kill da beat like double o …7 yea you can watch me explode like nine eleven if say we ain’t go no hart so you better call us Kevin
    Yea u know what you heared this is Joseph f. Harris 3rd wishing the best to everybody at tech. P.S hears one from me to lil c-You help keep us focus naw u ain’t playin but to be honest most of the time I don’t even know what your sayin this is where the chicken meets the road or was it this is where lucky finds his gold or was it this is where we prioritize our goals and finally we know this is where the rubber meets the road so if a car comes I hope you all watch your toes.

    —This is joe Harris signing off lol 🙂