Fabolous' Flicks: Fabolous Arrives In Sydney Australia


Lets make love on a million in a dirty hotel wit the fan on the ceiling!! #OhWhatAFeeling #Australia


Growing up my mom useta look at a lobster dinner as top of the line.. That, and a bottle of Dom Perignon. Now as we get to eat & drink lobster & champagne at leisure i always think about GROWTH. Making the things you looked at as hard to get or uncommon, reachable thru ya work! I bow my head & say a prayer bcuz it's a blessing. To make your extraordinary the ordinary. #DreamsComeWhenYourSleep #DreamsComeTrueWhenYouWakeUp

  • soma

    congrats on success

  • Eclipz

    its really motivating seeing you live your dream ,hardworkpaysoff