• Fabolous finally back


  • Ariella;)

    Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!! i love fab

  • NICE

  • junior
  • Pom.

    Shit is hard…

  • LOSO

  • Juan

    How we download this ? :/ i want it

  • thanks Fab


  • LOSO you already NOSO!!!

  • keyz


  • Daddy_yAnna

    My dream hubby did his thing ILOVEHIM

  • idk i think we have to wait til it drops!

  • phazeRoD

    fuckin dirty as usual, cant wait soultape2

  • jacai

    My boi kills every fuckin thing!!.. He always been my favorite rapper.. I just dont see how hes not mentioned with the best when hes been doing this shit for too long now.. I got him top 3 in the game.. I know hes definitely atleast top 5!.. kills me that more ppl dont feel that way!!!#know hiphop

    • ILL XilL

      TOTALLY AGREE. FABOLOUS is a Great hiphop artist.

    • Right son 😉

  • This record “For The Love” is Niiiceeeeeeeeee!!…Can’t wait for Soul Tape 2

  • Best to ever do it son Broooooklyn haha always been here to stay

  • ArezouChicaMala

    Fab MURDERED this track. As usualllllll…!! Anxiously waiting for SoulTape2…Lord knows how dirty it’s gonna be.

  • TLove

    Cant wait for this party we throwin for Soul Tape 2!! Coco Losos all night, niceeee

  • fireeeee

  • nicee!!!!!!!!

  • @meema_alii

    Fabolous is just too good!….he’s lyrics are one of a kind,he’s beats are sick,he’s rapping flow is the illest

  • FAB killin shit as usual….#SoulTape2

  • Funeral Fab kill it like he always does. my favorite rapper till death. cant wait for soul tape 2 to drop and loso way 2

  • titolyn01

    happy b day ni6ja

  • Jamaal


  • cum on FAB y niggas gotta wait u no us BK niggas aint used to waitin for shit

  • Tmac

    That’s why I ride to my nigga cause metaphorical flow us just off the chain

  • Tragedy

    Dropped it Loso .Youre the Brooklyn King!!!

    Berlin waiting on you !!

  • Mike Munny

    I fucks wit Loso. Can’t wait for the tape. Til then y’all should check this tape out

  • Love This

  • Anonymous