Fabolous Gets Exclusive Preview Of Bentley Truck

Last week in NYC, the good people at Bentley gave Fabolous an exclusive sneak peek at the EXP 9 F Bentley Concept Truck. This car is just a concept and is awaiting approval from the powers that be for it to go into production. Getting to see this first hand was amazing. It has all the bells and whistles and even silverware in case you need to have an impromptu dinner in the back of the truck. Check out the video to see and hear more details about it.

Photos and Video by ROME


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  1. 09 April 12, 6:39am

     Fab Very , Very !!! Many thanks for you ! 
    Royal regards !! Bro Russian Fan .

  2. 09 April 12, 1:47pm

    When would this crossover, cross. Never most likely. Fab hope you enjoyed the tour pimp. 

  3. Lissad82 says
    09 April 12, 11:05pm

    I wanna make luv in that suv wit u!(;

  4. Sparkle says
    09 April 12, 11:08pm

    Sparkle wants to make luv in that Bentley wit Los!(; jus one time!(;

  5. Enochoseikoduah says
    10 April 12, 6:21pm

    can bentley make add a dstv and play station to the car…at least u can watch and play at the back of the car..somehow….it will be perfect…

  6. Darkangel2479 says
    14 May 12, 4:15am

    Boy thats ballin right there.


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