Fabolous Releases A Trailer For The "Soul Tape 3"

The, “Soul Tape 3,” drops Christmas day. See what Fabolous had to say about the mixtape to Revolt TV below.

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  • Dutchie LaLa

    Im so READY!!! Cant wait!!!!

  • ♏aine ★

    The Ultimate Gift. When this drops, all the tracks gonna be on replay. Toronto. We gotchu.

  • Miz Holmes


  • DREamer

    Los cant wait for the Soul Tape 3 drops…Really wish you continued with the series but i respect the hustle cant knock it #Broooooklllynnnn

  • BokkaBoom

    I hope he will continue doing this music genre, cuz he is bigger than that mainstream 2 chainz shit
    thats why he is my fav rapper

    • Puppet H

      Soul Tape 3 is the last Soul Tape

      • BokkaBoom

        Yeah, I know but I mean, I hope he will continue with that type of music under the other name. Can’t wait for the album too!

        • Puppet H

          Yeah, feeling the same way!

  • TᴿᴬᴾSᵀᴬᴿ

    The best Christmas gift. Can’t wait!