Fabolous Speaks On Loso’s Way 2 On the Set Of “Got That Work”

Fabolous speaks on Loso’s Way on the set of, “Got That Work.”


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  1. skrilla says
    18 April 12, 2:48pm

    fab get its it in still 

  2. Lissad82 says
    14 May 12, 11:11pm

    I’m excited! U needed time off to get ur mind rite! I’m ur #1 fan! No groupie ur # 1 fan so for those who don’t know now yall know suckas!(;

  3. Kevasma says
    23 May 12, 8:01am

    fabolous best rapper from my perspective,he spitz knowledge, NICE

  4. 27 June 12, 12:03am

    Loso is like my favorite artist.


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