Fabolous Takes Tour Of Remy Martin Factory in France

Fabolous was invited by Remy Martin to take an exclusive tour of their distillery and vineyards in Cognac, France. He got a chance to see what it takes to produce a fine cognac from start to finish. Fab even got a chance to taste the superior Remy Martin Louis XIII straight out of a 100 year old barrel in the Remy Cellars. Not much people can do that. Check the photos and video of his trip. Visuals By Rome

  • Maria

    Really, really cool. Fab, please count your blessings! You are so fortunate to tour the world and do things people like me can only dream of…thanks for documenting your tour.


    holla up Loso, i always follow you but l wonder when you gonna trip to Milan man? think about it!

  • Amber Young

    This was really great to see!! My friends drink this all the time and you really got to experience the origin of its making. Thats really cool. Love seeing artisit doing different things. Inspiring.