• SingSong

    i like this one almost as much as the original..
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  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Thanks Mia for puttin’ the kid on, loooooving it!

  • Tevtaz

    lol thiss is fire…fab a clown for the smokey part lol

  • Thanks Mia for puttin’ the kid on; looooovin it!!!! Tre went craaazy!!!

  • GO. GO. GO. GO. <3 LOSO

  • Jazzye79

    Umm how many remixes do we need? New single please!!!

  • Thank Mia for puttin the kid on; lovin’ it! Tre kiled it!

  • That HOTT!!

  • This joint iz Hott!!

  • Nate


  • Mem206360

    All I can say is DAMN this joint is HOT!!!!

  • Ddontayharris21

    this better than the original version..

  • tjudgement

    yeah yeah… lol

  • Bad1sick

    fab killed it

  • Lmharris4

    Tough…Fab always killing shit! Top 5 in my opinion!

  • lovingmusic3

    I’m loving this Remix…. the perfect artists were chosen to do this song! I love Kelly, Busta, Trey, and Fabolous!!! They are all talented beyond recognition!!!! I am currently following all of them on twitter… I would love them to follow me back …. @lovingmusic3