• Jesse

    You need to reupload the song to your blog man, the audio quality is pretty awful. Not trying to make your typical groupie post but Fabolous has been my favorite in the game for a minute and I wish he would have had a bigger part in this song, pretty much suffered through it for him cause I’m not really a Mario fan at all.

  • Syn is nyce

    Luv’d it!

  • xoxo_lupe

    where can I get this? it is not on itunes. Fab you’re amazing! sorry I didn’t get to see you in vegas on my birfday (yesterday) sad face. still love you though

  • Jagreenwood1

    Love everything Mario puts out. Those vocals. WOW!

  • C-star08


  • Consilda1

    I love this song been on repeat and it would b great if he would coabo on losoway track

  • Celiman

    really really really good song mario is a great singer , and problably the greatest for his Generation… this is my opinion.