MyFabolousLife On The Road: Cannes, France

Fabolous takes a trip to the South of France to perform at Club Gotha in Cannes.

Video & Photos by Nigel D.


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  1. Shay says
    15 September 12, 4:38am

    U should of put Draya in the Video again!

  2. Sesh says
    17 September 12, 5:03am

    OMG this is the life that I want for real.

  3. bryton says
    20 September 12, 10:48am

    lossoo. i liked your perfomance in tanzaniaaa welcome again

  4. A P says
    23 September 12, 8:58am

    Los put in mad work. shits incredible. real recognize real. i been on the team since sept. 05. my homie T-Bird told me bout that Real Talk album. no lie i had the bootleg before i later bought it. but that album changed my life. between it and cassidy’s im a hustler album, I listened so much i didnt want to go to sleep. it was the greatest album i ever heard. I even went on to write the lyrics as a hobby when we evacuated for katrina to colorado springs. This was my appreciation comment for the game. #hateitorfeelit


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