Photos: Behind The Scenes Of Fabolous’ “She Did It” Video Shoot

Fabolous and director Aristotle link up once again to shoot a video for, “She Did It,” off of, “There Is No Competition 3.” Guests on set included Lloyd Banks, French Montana & Juelz Santana.
Photos By Nigel D.


    LOSO IS DAT DUDE! 100!

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  • Nyce

    hi cuties!

  • yeah this is my joint right here…….I’m glad Fab is doing a video for it, it’s one of the best songs on the mixtape and when he asked what song he should do, I requested this one, not that you care, but i’m just telling ya…….CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT

  • RaySean

    i love this song man.n dat nigga ,”competition” he dead man.

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