Video: A Fabolous Christmas

Fabolous wishes you all a Merry Christmas. Don’t forget to log on to MyFabolousLife on Christmas day to download his present to you, “There Is No Competiton 3.”

Visualized by @AristotleBAM


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  1. jimbo slice says
    23 December 11, 7:32pm

    lol livin that boss life, ciroc in the coffee haha

  2. 23 December 11, 7:42pm

    yoo wurdd sonnn dead emm alll

  3. Tmack103 says
    23 December 11, 7:48pm

    A loso u killin em there is no comp

  4. Reynellt says
    23 December 11, 8:09pm

    Can’t wait to get that d/l Happy Holiday Fab!!!

  5. Ivofive00 says
    23 December 11, 8:17pm

    what and the world is he mixing with that CIROC????? Can’t wait for the mixtape tho! 2days :)

  6. fabolous loso's says
    23 December 11, 8:17pm

    nicee fab

  7. Dopeboyfresh247 says
    23 December 11, 8:17pm

    Still waitin on the mixtape. We know you killed it. Its Coco Loso for the holidays!

  8. Drechulo401 says
    23 December 11, 8:20pm


  9. Nmulvihill1 says
    23 December 11, 8:39pm

    cant wait for TINC3. best rapper alive

  10. Anonymous says
    23 December 11, 8:51pm

    hell yea

  11. Visar Potoku says
    23 December 11, 11:29pm


  12. Incvjudk says
    24 December 11, 12:10am

    fab city prowed of you.oh tight to def.

  13. 24 December 11, 12:32am

    yu are great Mr Loso!! Merry christmas tu yu tuu!

  14. Blahh says
    24 December 11, 1:02am

    OMG I LOVED this trailer!! cant fucking wait

  15. Cjbeasley75 says
    24 December 11, 1:07am

    Look like Em’s place Lol I love it Fab!!! Really Nicccceeee Tree!

  16. Incvjudk says
    24 December 11, 3:51am

    it was so nice care about you

  17. Incvjudk says
    24 December 11, 3:55am

    you too good to your wife

  18. Nice says
    24 December 11, 7:05am

    loso you the best…can wait

  19. Blake Bill says
    24 December 11, 1:16pm


  20. 24 December 11, 4:52pm

    YESSSSSSS . 12 Hours 8 Minutess

  21. Nosesabe says
    24 December 11, 7:20pm

    muy bueno santa clauss mueren ajaajja xD

  22. Erica says
    24 December 11, 9:01pm

    Happy holiday”s to you and yours I love the black Christmas tree. and the video is nice 2 cant wait to download the mix tape tomorrow thanks

  23. BK drama says
    24 December 11, 9:10pm

    that shit was sick n santa got wut the fuc he deserve. u should’ve had them tryna brake in, wit  the salvation army red sacks on their backs. that all black tree is sick n imma try that hot coco n coconut ciroc.

  24. Kisla says
    25 December 11, 2:29am

    <3333333 can't wait!! best music!

  25. Rell says
    25 December 11, 5:54am


  26. Sclawson741 says
    25 December 11, 7:37am

    I can not wait to listen to this new mixtape, that trailer was beyond hot!!!!! Keep doing ya thing!!!!!

  27. Moni3_718 says
    25 December 11, 4:12pm

    best christmas ever 

  28. Princessliz23 says
    25 December 11, 4:54pm

    I luv this TiNc3 all day :)

  29. Nyce says
    25 December 11, 5:16pm

    this was scary

  30. 25 December 11, 7:06pm

    Guess who, Capital L Capitol O Capitol S Capitol O….LETS GO!!

  31. Jqdabossman says
    26 December 11, 8:27am

    da homie need 2 drop another dvd thys shyt was str8 fire

  32. 27 December 11, 5:05am

    yes yes yes 3rd time around an your still killin em

  33. iammik says
    27 December 11, 9:07pm

    Loso to Bad Santa Merry Xmas


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