• Nicolas Sanchez

    No your not your gonna go home an kill yourself… You the Illest Fab beyond every rapper in the game…

  • Slobodan Bokka Medarevic

    Hahahah my man Loso, spittin’ the truth! Can’t wait for Loso’s way 2

  • BrooklynTre

    Lmaooo nigga said “IF HE HITS ME IM SUING!” #Dead…Shorty grimy though but niggas be wifin these thots so expect the unexpected

  • Mike Pennock


  • Alan Aleesha

    One of my favorite rappers..you are going to be on top soon..love your work

  • Antony Hall

    Fab if you read this please make a version of this without the cheaters clip, the song is great the video as well but that ending was just . . . . . wasn’t doing it for me.

  • Devon Dawkins

    My Sn Loso Dead had Cyn in the Video LMFAOO