• ja

    loso kurwa my homie zawsze

  • Broooooooklyn bitch!!!

  • Robertocwest


  • Superstarsam88

    big shoutout to the big homie Fabolous great video looking foward to this summer Loso way 2  NICCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE

  • Shane

    this video is tough!!!!

  • Fab holdin down for 718!!! whats poppin slime!!

  • Hdavidgia435

    Hot shit fabo!!!!!

  • Jarvia.i

    I love you…

  • @MostEliteLady Says….#NICE!!

  • Sense_n_company

    this song is pretty hot..get on a track with iggy zalea thatll be down’)..-Big Sen$e.

  • lamin

    G.O.O.D !!!

  • Arnoldiverson_333

    Nice t-shit :women ruined my life:

  • Yoda

    Video is simple and makes statement. Like very much I do.

  • i lov it

  • real deal shit

  • i love this song

  • Sarah Dorelus

    all those girls look busted!! Straight up!!!