• fantasy

    thats it.

  • fantasy

    thank you

  • fantasy

    your nicer then nice

  • fantasy

    Type your comment here.make it with that.i want movie an all.loso way #2

  • fantasy

    beats are hot as ever. do what you like

  • YOung W.I.T

    … Yeah, ME! A lot of heat there… NICE!

  • YOung W.I.T

    The beat @ 3:15

  • fantasy


  • fantasy


  • fantasy


  • fantasy

    with that being said i have to find my own store to pick the freshes copy of loso’s way two.

  • fantasy

    fabolous this guy is like you been saying an thank you . that  find it if you know it

  • fantasy

    everything too you

  • fantasy

    fabolous you mean so much to me keep your eyes hands and thoughts off him if they are not real.they got your part right too baby partty.we like to party.

  • fantasy

    my bad .you got a birthday coming up twitter.happy birthday,looking for a day seen you all down in the hotlanta doing your thing hope things where fun for you as for me.

  • fantasy

    coco loso fabolous loso the wait is on .

  • fantasy

    nov.18 2011 fabolous birthday.thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andre-Luiz/100000903223116 Andre Luiz

    batidas agradáveis

  • Fab4Life

    Fab you the shit! Beat at the beginning is hot, also at 1:40, 2:23, and around that 4 min mark I see you feelin a rap comin to your dome…ooohhhhhhhh I can’t wait for the next album!! I know it will bang..and that part right around the :17 point, with the piano –oh you need to add that to sumn!

  • Fab4Life

    Fab u so damn sexy…u can even make a white tee look good.  lol  :)  HOT

  • Sergiocasillas

    time to go hard on little Brandy with the 1:40 track!!!

  • Ohh_Dot

    The last beat sounds tough… got a lil jazz feel to it

  • Daeshawn Parker

    the 2nd best !



  • Who? Lil Truth

    Yeah the 3rd Beat Ft. Lil Truth

  • Who? LilTruth

    Lil Truth… 3:19 …. FIREEEEEEEE *Oww*

  • D Giannotta

    all of the beats are insane! especially the first, the second and the last one. go funeral fab!

  • Dolo

    That last beat stood out the most and thats more fab style… i can hear fab killin it now

  • mohamad ali iqbal

    first three my favorites but personal think the third one is the one

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trav-Mitchell/1209656408 Trav Mitchell

    3:15 – 3:58 deff

  • Bad boy Bochecha

    That first beat is hot, along with the beat at 0:30, the beat at 2:00, the beat at 3:20, that one at 5:00 that you’re directin him on is tight too.  Beats would probably be better with Fab spittin on them though

  • Yincas08