Video: Fabolous – Playa

Fabolous releases the video for, “Playa,” off of the, “Soul Tape 3.” The visual was directed by Gerad Victor, stay tuned for the, “Sacrifices,” video.


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  1. steve martinez says
    17 June 14, 4:44pm

    This soul tape 3is fire,,my big bro put me on to fab soul tapes back in November,but I never listened to it,an I was searching for new music cause I got a new phone an I ran across the album in my music store ,I downloaded it an too,fab my Brooklyn native,homie this tape is fire,,hands down,,one of my personal favorites is (situationships) fire,soul tape two was hot too but three u did your thing ..thankz for the music,keep doing u,,Brooklyn standup

  2. 17 June 14, 5:19pm

    #random in 2001 I wen to Army Basic training after I grad I went to AIT for 10 weeks. We were only allowed to buy 1 CD from the PX. I copped Ghetto Fabolous. I listened it to it every single night for 10 weeks. You have been one of my fav artist ever since. KEEP DOING YOUR THING!!!

  3. Slobodan Bokka Medarevic says
    17 June 14, 6:03pm

    Loso’s Way 2 pleaseeee

  4. JohnDavidJackson™ says
    18 June 14, 11:41am

    The bomb… Sacrifices please. ?.

  5. jameson says
    20 July 14, 8:47pm

    Cnt wait for loso’s way 2….goodness


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