• Robertocwest


  • Blackrozay5


  • Anonymous

    This my shit, bump it loud as fuck. Fab def in my top 5 but nowadays its honestly like 20 ppl in my top 5 cause all these different styles and content. Cause fab, em, Kendrick, and tec n9ne all sick but don’t make similar songs

  • Elliottdurand

    I’m feeling this video fam. Been w8n on it for three months or more. I see my nigga Banks in there, yall make a hot combo. Keep banging.

  • Williamscammel

    Nice Fab !  crazy video      TINC 3 AllDay !!!

  • Where West Philly at mainnn!!! No combos, no video appearances! Needa hear some combos!!!

  • this shit is super beastie on the G fabo fuckin with wayne 

  • Daniel

    good job fab. nice video. she did it but u gotta keep doing it

  • Justinchaitoo

             i li8ke     i like this t o the one best stuff and like fabolous  i like things  are better at what you do like this game i how it good time is good life is good and make any things beast and get great the apart and like i like she fuck it that is truth  is great baby yh yah yah and  keep it go go men .