• fantasy

    k play it.dont be no fool

  • SynaStarr

    Of course Radio is my fave for so many reasons…Cassie has really evolved as an artist, love it! and Fab’s delivery, was nothing short of outstanding, the lyrics were amazing…i listened to it 6x b4 i commented…great collabo, good blend ~im sucha critic~ but Stereo had Diddy written all over it…beautiful!

  • fantasy

    before the worst i love you.take it on down south beach .phone in hand speed dail an shit.look fabolous life as called as you tought that motherfucking shit to damn much as you know has come to an end.dont be no fool. real there for you boy all the way.Dont go down south beach i dont  like that shit. fabolous all money is not good money.you havent even said if you were back from down an under yet.really dont know what but know that you are loved an thought about when least expect it.are wedding ties are not to be undone. never ever  dont be no fool

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  • Carlenecokercc

    instead of cassey it should of been crissy for me this song is banging i lov it fab

  • Yungrichportee

    i like it rhe head was sick called it mental illness

  • Consilda1


  • fantasy

    I care

  • Summer

    #10 all day everyday

  • great stuff !!greetz