• verrry  hotttttt

  • Jesus2011binladen

    game baba and busta rhymes fuck alllllll

  • this reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllll fucking bad……..HARD……

  • Ivaness123


  • Djsyfy

    ehhh its alright. to bad i dont rock j’s. should of been bottles and dunks or blazers lol

  • Oi0i0io_chrrissy_kai_oi0i0io

    Why is everyone making music with that fat bastert titties on his back what hang down to his ass crack, rick ross was a fat kid who sat on his ass and ate food, and now hes stole someones name, and juss by lookin at his face, hes so fake, hes a fat bastert. he cant run, takes him 10mins to get out of a car without pullin up his trousers at the back, his tits on his back need a bra juss as bad as the ones on the front, his beard hides his 4 chins, hes a fat prick who aint real, and all these rappers talk about is bein real, and they go and make fake music with a fat guy hiden behind someone elses name, hes a fat prick. i juss wish eminem would make a diss song about him and fuk up his fake career, Rick ross or whatever his fuckin name is, is the most fakest person ever, to do rap music, and no one even cares.

  • Jackjones

    Busta rips, fabulous was ok… otherwise this song sucks ass. Grow some balls guys get vicious and spit some gud shit, pleeeeeez!!!!!

  • loco81

    that was a whole lotta nothin from somethin!, busta and game were ok, but what the hell was the rest of that shit!?…………OH!!!…it was LIL WANYE! He reminds me of the fuckin goat when “DEWY COX” recorded his masterpiece on “WALK HARD”.

  • NICE JOIN US @ http://WWW.FABOLOUS.FR FOR REAL FANS & FOLLOW ME @Fabolousfrance:twitter

  • NICE JOIN US @ http://WWW.FABOLOUS.FR FOR REAL FANS & FOLLOW ME @Fabolousfrance:twitter

  • Consilda1

    I LIKE IT!

  • Duran41084

    Fabolous always goes off, he’s one of the best no matter what.

  • Alarkinccr

    Fabolous you already the swagg  crazy