Lil Wayne – How To Love [Prod. By Detail]

Well look who found love. That’s right ladies and gentlemen the martian has found love. And with these new beach pics of Weezy and his new companion clutching palms, this track makes every bit of sense.

Now I’ll be honest, I wasn’t to fond of the guitar heavy Carter IV single produced by Detail, but it’s actually starting to grow on me. And let’s be real, it’s nice to see Mr. Carter singing/rapping something other than putting a red dot on someone’s forehead. Now that you have MY thoughts on the record, let’s hear yours in the comment section below. “Ye” if you like the song and “Nay” if you DON’T like it. Ready, GO!

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – How To Love [Prod. By Detail]

  • MannyTheNnumber1

    Ye. Definitely feeling the track. The production from “Detail” is crazy. The acoustic and the synths fit well. And definitely big up’s to Wayne for coming out with something I never thought he’d attempt. Track is growing on me much too.

  • Anonymous

    Ye. Feeling this something serious.

  • Lostkid022

    its a good one

  • Picklejuice3

    let wayne..get his love thing..on..
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  • Ghfgh

    she’s pretty & look sadity and stuck up how i like em.she compliments him