• KidNamed Izzy

    His last 2 Soul Tape Mix Tape are still my favorite albums! And still currently! I wish I get to meet Fabolous real soon before he retires. Can’t wait for The Soul Tape 3!! Blessing!

  • SchwaggChamp

    fuck soul tape 3 nigga whats good wit losos way 2 smh it was supposed 2 come out this summer u need a album my nigga u b gettiin ur fans tight u make it hard 2 defend u brother u juss fallin off the scene smh u my favorite rapper my nigga but u make me listen 2 other nigga kuz u never have new material its annoyin get ya shyt 2gether brother ……. onlii a real fan would keep it trill #facts n im a brooklyn nigga anyhow lol no OT nigga