• HoardersFan

    Dope song, but I’ve seen Fab do better low budget vids. Also disappointed the the line disconnected noise isn’t in the vid. That part is awesome.No video hoes though so I’m happy about that.

  • good visual. great song

  • Puppet H

    Upload it to FabolousVEVO, or myfabolouslife(youtube channel) please

  • Juelz Santana (KTBFFH)

    Dope song.

  • Luis Rosario

    Love this song and as always Fab stays true to his Brooklyn roots “niccccceeee”

  • Dats My “Fabolous” Son…He’s a perfectionist…2 ppl finding fault wit sound & effects dats another persons job – Fab doing his job & quite sure all will B tightened up & don’t need no video whoes N da Hood – anyway it not out N stores & U gettin it free so “it is what it is” – I luv it Boy Got Talent – hoe ehbody else does too – Big Up 2 Brooklyn!

  • Rayshawn Owens

    cold ass chinese food john lmao

  • disqus_szI4973mAq

    That where I am from Big Up to Brooklyn