• Puppet H

    Fabolous keep Hip Hop alive!

  • Dorian

    You can not tell me Fabolous isn’t one of the realest out! When things weren’t going good for him popularity wise, he stayed true. That’s why he’s my favorite rapper, #LOS Lyrics over Sound All day!

  • Alice Lloyd Hardy

    My fav still.lm 53 yrs

  • very dope. reused lyrics, but a whole new approach.

  • Stanley Fleming

    So much respect.. If he’s not in your top 5.. In my mind you sleeping on him.

  • Mike Linder

    this my nigga but that verse he use it to much looking faward to his new ish

  • jay

    niggas keep sayn he reusing lines…. if you listen to the intro of the soul tape 1 and 2 those are his intro lines so why not do the same for the soul tape 3 intro ? “if it aint broke dont fix it”

  • emiko_swag

    Fabolous started and ended three different songs with the same bars on three different tapes. That’s a literary “refrain”, Fab is true a poet.

  • Thinlowbeatz

    I jus know your Brooklyn my nigga and great minds think a like we will do business and we meet you will realize my energy is as pure as yours #youngOg#brooklynKingz#flyshitonly

  • Leon Shuttlesworth

    Ray J knocked some since into Fab, this is a great music, could have done with out the N word.. But very talented.