Limited Edition: G-Shock x ROYAL AIR FORCE GPW-1000RAF

GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator watch in collaboration with the ROYAL AIR FORCE represents the crafts advanced technology and is tough enough to endure extreme terrain in any place and any conditions. It features a new Hybrid GPS/Radio Wave Ceptor function picking up time signals from atomic transmitters or from GPS satellites to deliver absolute accuracy – crucial to aviation. In addition, the watch includes a Zulu time function, developed in conjunction with RAF pilots, and colours synonymous with the ROYAL AIR FORCE, including a utilitarian grey bezel and band inspired by the RAF combat aircraft while the distinctive RAF logo is embossed in white onto the band’s keeper. via G-Shock

The watch retails for $1330.


The Porsche Museum

Having opened its doors early 2009, the Delugan Meissl-designed Porsche Museum was built with the intentions of educating and inspiring visitors by virtue of the automotive manufacturer’s 80-plus years of history, and with the help of some of the most beautifully-designed sports cars of our time. Sitting on three large V-shaped columns, the colossal 5,600 square-metre building offers the illusion of floating and was designed to attract visitors in a welcoming manner. The Porsche Museum is comprised of four main sectors; The Museum on Wheels, an ever-changing exhibition that sees a different focus on the various 520 models on hand; The Archive, 2,000 meters of shelf-space dedicated to the preserving of Porsche history; The Workshop, an open area where master craftsmen and mechanics work on the prized inventory; and finally, The Shop, a treasure trove to any enthusiast looking to take a bit of the Porsche brand back home with them. For those that have never had a chance to visit the museum, the video above should give you a better look at the ongoing commitments the brand has towards educating the public on its rich history.