Alexander Wang x H&M


Alexander Wang x H&M collab has landed featuring models Anna Ewers and Suvi Koponen look ready for the gym in a mix of sports bras, sweatshirts, boxing gloves and leggings. It’s exactly the sporty-minded fantasy we were hoping for, with strappy scuba dresses, thick gray pullover sweatshirts, mesh-paneled leggings, cropped bra-tops, leather joggers, and parkas. For the accessory-minded, there are gloves (boxing and otherwise), beanies, and duffel in the mix—all replete with standout WANG branding, of course.

Fabolous’ Flicks: ESPN First Take


First Take, came up wit this in the first break.. A few commercials, that’s bout as long as verse take I know I’m late, but Skip you a wild boy You made Stephen A. dress up like a Cowboy Dallas prolly loved that, use it for promo You in deep waters now Smith, you need to row mo’ (Romo) To start we talked Cowboys, and how I feel about em Playin good, I like Demarco but still doubt them And Kobe beefin, but it wasn’t bout a steak It’s about the money that the owners bout to make And want players to take pay cuts, don’t be greedy What’s a TV deal without the players, pay me like you need me And yall don’t see it, cuz both yall prolly are married But while yall argue bout sports, ima holla at Cari So anytime you need me just request me in Cuz it’s always good times up at ESPN! #FirstTake #FabOnFT #ESPN #DefJam30

Video: Fabolous On ESPN’s First Take