Beyoncé and Jay Z: Bang Bang, Part One (Short Film)

Beyoncé and Jay Z: Bang Bang, Part One on

Two American outlaws speed through the Californian desert in a dusty 1960s Pontiac GTO with a manifest poise and stylish swagger that could only be embodied by the world’s foremost musical couple: Beyoncé and Jay Z. Directed by the New York-based filmmaker and photographer Dikayl Rimmasch, Bang Bang is a trilogy of short films starring Mr and Mrs Carter’s filmic alter egos, appearing throughout their two-and-a-half month long tour, On the Run, which celebrated its finale on Saturday at Stade de France in Paris. Rimmasch was introduced to Beyoncé and Jay Z via Mark Romanek, and with a creative cohort in the war photojournalist William Kaner put together a filmmaking approach and aesthetic inspired by French new wave cinema and the powerful intimacy of legendary independent director and mentor, Les Blank. Rimmasch’s stripped-back process paid dividends, allowing an incredibly fast, shoot-from-the-hip style using custom camera rigs that he had designed, 50-year-old Russian lenses and lighting effects by Archie Ciotti and Scott Spencer. Below, we’re in conversation with the steadfast director—also known for his black-and-white campaigns for RRL by Ralph Lauren—about Bang Bang’s conception and what it’s like to direct contemporary music’s most iconic performers.

Check back tomorrow for Bang Bang Part Two. On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z premieres on HBO September 20 with an exhibition and screening at Clic Gallery New York on September 19.
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Hender Scheme Air Jordan IV


From the team that have previously recreated various models of Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Maison Martin Margielas, Hender Scheme recently delivered on one of our all time favourites, the Jordan VI. Hender Scheme use premium vegetable tan leathers and extreme attention to detail to guarantee that any shoe they recreate is as close to the real deal as it can get, no exception.



Celeb Style: Ciara In The Nike + R.T. Air Force 1


NikeLab presents the third and final installment of the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 trilogy with the release of the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 collection in beige. Joining the family of AF1s with the preceding Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 collections in white and black, all three colorways represent the power of sport to unite disparate tribes under one love – love of the Nike Air Force 1.

Tisci’s intent with the Nike + R.T. AF1 collection was to exemplify the distinct personalities of this tribe with a collection that celebrates its diversity through three generations of loyalty. The White Collection speaks to Tisci’s respect for the heritage of the AF1 by preserving the purity of the original. The Black Collection underscores his admiration for subversive street culture with a mechanical expression, and the Beige Collection serves as an initiation for new members to join diehards under one love for the AF1.

Tribe culture, as Tisci describes, is a reflection of the youth generation today.
“Everyone in the world needs identity so they are all making themselves into tribes.” Tisci continues, “They are more Goth, more pure or more punk, more rap, more R&B…You can have a million different tribes, but it’s always one thing that unites them.”

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