Beyonce for Flaunt Magazine July/August 2013



Beyonce for Flaunt Magazine July/August 2013

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Photographer: Tony Duran
Fashion Editor: Ty Hunter, Raquel Smith and Jenke-Ahmed
Hair: Kim Kimble
Make-up: Francesca Tolot

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

A picnic planner is hoping to get lucky with his/her picnic companion. What’s in the picnic basket?
A cozy blanket, red wine, fruit, ’90s R&B playing on my iPod. I don’t think you need much else.

Gay men are drawn to you and empowered by you, as they have been to “gay icons” Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Madonna. What is it about you, and those women, that gay men love?
I’m flattered if I’m in the company of those great women. I think they love that we are bold, unafraid to love, and flaunt our sexuality and strength.

BIG News For Brooklyn: The MTV Music Awards Will Be Held At Barclay's



MTV VMA Moonman Reinvented By KAWS

The 2013 winners of the VMA’s, set to be held for the first time at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, will receive a prize from the locally based artist with his signature companion replacing the famous astronaut’s likeness for one year only to celebrate the new location.  Those lucky to attend the show will see a 60-foot inflatable KAWS Moonman on stage