Fabolous Explains How He Got His Rap Name


When I started I had trouble picking a rap name bcuz My hood nickname didnt seem like a “rapper name” & my 1st initial which i used alot couldnt work bcuz of another well known “Jay” from Brooklyn. Bcuz of my wordplay, my moniker was “The Fabolous Vocabulist”.. I met DJ Clue at Hot 97 & spit for him. In the rap, the moniker was dropped. From there he went on to call me Fabolous & also Fabolous Sport. (Sport was my hood nickname) It gained popularity quick while I sat back & watched a mistake become my name. So today I look at the irony of taking a mistake and making it look correct. Moral of the story is every mistake, somethin can be taken from it, learned from it or made from it. My mistake made me FABOLOUS

Fabolous Performs Diamonds & Guess Who’s Bizzack During “The Life Is So Exciting Tour”

Check out footage from, “The Life Is So Exciting,” tour stop at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit. Fabolous performs Diamonds & Guess Who’s Bizzack which were produced by Mally The Martian. Check out the remaining tour dates HERE.

Video Produced By Gerad Victor

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