Fendi Baguette Canvas Painter Kit


Fendi Baguette Canvas Painter Kit ($1,300)

Apparently the designers at Fendi decided they were completely out of ideas and thought it would be genius to give you a blank bag to let you scribble all over it. And there you have the Fendi Artist Baguette, the do-it-yourself handbag that allows you to paint all over the white canvas with markers.Fendi Baguette Canvas Painter Kit ($1,300)

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013 Madonna Line

Take a look at the upcoming designs from Givenchy inspired by music icon Madonna.

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Nintendo Wii Mini $100

Wii mini is an amazing value at only $99.99 MSRP*. It comes packed with a RED Wii Remote Plus™ controller & Nunchuk Accessory. Plug it in and play! Nobody does motion-control gaming quite like Wii. Fun and intuitive gameplay enhanced by your own body’s movements will get the entire family up and off the couch for unforgettable gaming sessions.
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