Fabolous Will Help Patrick Ewing Debut The Olympic Eclipse

The Olympic colorways for the Patrick Ewing Eclipse sneakers will be released July 22nd. A special pop up at ALife will sell the sneakers early and be hosted by Patrick Ewing and Fabolous. The event takes place from 7 to 10 pm July 20th at 158 Rivington St NYC.

Future Has A New Deal With Reebok

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Future has made a partnership with Reebok and previewed his upcoming sneakers on his Instagram. This follows up the release of Kendrick Lamar’s sneakers with Reebok.

It's only the beginning. @future + @reebokclassics. Welcome to the team. #thisISfuture

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Fabolous Addresses The Recent Police Shootings

Dear commenters, as celebrities or people with a platform we do need stand up & be the voice of the people. Especially in matters like this… But we need to stand in the right way. We need the LAWS to CHANGE. Change laws to prevent Police Brutality against ALL PEOPLE. STOP Police Officers from being protected after they do criminal acts against the people they are suppose to be assigned to protect! And STOP the POLICE from killing people for NO REASON & being sent home on PAID LEAVE & NEVER seeing punishment. It's the SYSTEM that needs to CHANGE!! As celebrities, musicians, actors, athletes, & citizens we need to get behind Civil Rights Activist & Politicians who want to CHANGE the LAWS!!! Not Free CONCERTS.. Not just standing outside wit signs. Not public outings just to say we was there. Because all of those things have been done in the past & we continue to have the same incidents happen. I do believe those things show our unity but we have to get behind movements to CHANGE these LAWS! If there's no consequence behind COPS killing citizens & the judicial system protecting them how will it ever CHANGE?? A concert won't change that, protesters with signs won't change that, & marches with celebrities haven't changed it either. We need PEOPLE IN POWER to address these matters. We have to DEMAND CHANGE WITHIN THE SYSTEM!!!! When America thought the country was in danger from DRUGS they CHANGED LAWS. The Rockefeller Laws, The Kingpin Statute & the RICO law all were laws instituted in the country's worst drug times. Well now we're in our worst times & we need LAWS to protect the PEOPLE. Ps. Don't just expect rappers/musicians to be a VOICE. We need our Sports Heroes to speak up too. Not all but a lot of them stay clear of political issues, but we need their voices to be heard too. They impact people as much as musicians IF NOT MORE.

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This has been a crazy week in the U.S. with 2 incidents involving police officers killing people caught on video and then officers killed in Dallas. Fabolous spoke on the violence and hopes we push for change. He states, “With Racism HATE can’t cure HATE. And with Brutality VIOLENCE can’t cure VIOLENCE.”

With Racism HATE can't cure HATE. And with Brutality VIOLENCE can't cure VIOLENCE. I know it's a lot of black people who think the answer is strike back & retaliate with GUN VIOLENCE against the Police, but IT'S NOT. It really just makes the situation worst. Becuase that fight is fixed. Don't let people, radicals, or even celebrities tell you this is the way. VIOLENCE answered with VIOLENCE breeds what? MORE VIOLENCE. Growing up in the hood, that's what we were taught. Eye for an Eye. Someone kills 1 of your friends, you kill 1 of theirs. And it's a repeat cycle of our people losing their lives & going to jail but nothing is resolved. But the difference in the vengeance with POLICE is the fight is fixed & the laws are in their favor. They will use these actions to in place stricter laws & restrictions on US. NOT US as in the United States but US as in Black Americans. The Police Brutality will continue but will be more in their favor because of a "strike back". We as THE PEOPLE have to be careful of how we fight & strike back. I understand there are people angry, enraged with vengeance for our PRESENT state but you also have to think about the FUTURE. #StayWoke

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Fabolous Speaks On Alton Sterling And Philando Castile

Fabolous comments on the recent tragedies involving cops shooting black men.