Louis Vuitton Epi Rainbow Wallets


Louis Vuitton Epi Rainbow Wallets

Details On “Z-board” Electric Skateboard $499

What is the ZBoard?
The ZBoard is the weight-sensing electric skateboard.

How do you ride the ZBoard?
Simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop.

How does the ZBoard
The ZBoard’s deck includes front and rear foot pads. Each foot pad evaluates how much force the rider is applying and sends this information to the onboard micro-controller which dictates the speed of the electric motor.

How do I go on the ZBoard?
Leaning on the front foot pad begins acceleration. Acceleration is completely variable meaning you can cruise at any pace.

How do I stop on the ZBoard?
Leaning back kicks in regenerative braking, allowing the rider to stop on a downhill.

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Toss Or Floss: Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite “South Beach” Edition $250

Nike will be releasing the special, “South Beach,” edition of the Nike Lebron 9 P.S. Elite for $250 June 2nd.

Bugatti Debuts A One Of One Porcelain-Trimmed Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long Edition

Following the success of the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, Bugatti did not wait long before the company received inquiries about an open-top version of the Grand Sport that could also deliver 882 kW (1,200 hp). “We were instantly electrified by the idea of transferring the power of the Super Sport to the Grand Sport, that delivers a maximum of 1,001 hp, thus taking the roadster to a new level,” says Wolfgang Dürheimer, president of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. He continues: “Our team has managed to transfer the world’s most powerful car engine to the open-top sports car, while taking the vehicle’s dynamics and aerodynamic parameters into consideration. We are proud to present the fastest roadster ever at the Beijing Motor Show with the Asia premiere of the 1,200 hp Grand Sport Vitesse.” The second car Bugatti presents at Beijing is the “Wei Long 2012”, a one off Grand Sport model equipped with unique porcelain dragon relief parts at the in- and outside paying homage to the year of the dragon.

These unique and artistic Chinese features together with the breathtaking speed of the Bugatti Grand Sport of more than 400 km/h make the “Wei Long 2012” the dragon of the automotive industry. This one off model will cost 1.58 million euros.

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