Celeb Style: The Cannes amfAR Gala



The Cannes amfAR Gala brought out some beautiful faces. Here Kendall Jenner in n a flowing purple Calvin Klein gown, which she paired with Chopard jewelry.

Bee Line x Timberland x Bionic Yarn

This fourth Bee Line x Timberland collaboration is a vibrant take on the classic 6-inch silhouette, but this time, exclusive to the ladies. Pharrell draws inspiration from nature as it relates to the core of the two brands. We start with the Bee Line logo and the incredible lives of bees. Inside the hive, we find simplicity and beauty in the shape of natural honeycomb. Outside the hive, we’re driven by the great outdoors and freshness of green grass.

What makes this collaboration even more special is that the fabric used is Bionic Yarn–Pharrell’s eco-friendly brand that transforms fibers made from recycled plastics into durable textiles. Keep a lookout for more images and release information in the coming week. For now, enjoy this teaser video featuring i am OTHER/Polydor/Outsiders artist Maxine Ashley as the beekeeper, along with a preview of the Pharrell-produced track “Someway, Somehow.”

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This is nothing to do with the constantly reiterated claim that Dickens invented Christmas. That is nonsense: Christmas as we know it blazing fires, groaning boards, good cheer, revelry, and bibulousness on a heroic scale was a going concern long before Dickens moved in on it. Sir Walter Scott had recreated the Feudal Christmas in Marmion in 1808:

“This is insane!” said Hidayat, who held out as long as he could after hiking the cost of a bowl of his steaming soup last month from 30 cents to $1 to offset rising beef prices. “If we subtract the seasoning, our buyers don’t like our meatball soup. If we raise the price, they can’t afford to buy, so I’d better close my stall until the price returns to normal.”

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There’s a certain area of Singapore where some of the apartments need a complete renovation,cheap michael kors gold watch sale, starting with a new ceiling and working down to a new floor and including everything from toilets to walls. Those run about S$900k and need a minimum of S$100k in work. Others have been complete renovated all the work already done.

This secondary method is critical and a potential life saver if things go awry. It is also a highly usable and practical alternative when strapping a wrist computer clearly spells V A N I T Y. This one doesn have that many multiple dials and is less likely to run out of juice all in a sudden.

This is gruelling reading for anybody. For a start, it doesn make sense: an ankle is not a leg, it is part of a leg; if something dreadful happens to your ankle, you lose a foot, not a leg. But the letter also categorically says you have to be a double amputee to deserve the higher rate of DLA; having lost only one leg is not sufficient to qualify.