Beyond the Lens : Summertime Sadness




“It’s like looking in a mirror… only not”

When it comes to linking legendary lyrical rhymes with classic visual references—Mr. Loso never fails to impress. This time he embodies the role of Castor Troy – a double gold plated desert eagle shooting, ruthless villain, while Spanish Harlem’s Dave East plays the protagonist role of Sean Archer in the classic movie “FACE/OFF”. Reenacting unforgettable scenes, such as the infamous plane attempt to “get away “- going as detailed as to including music from the movie and unique hand signs of affection – to the actual FACE SWAP of the two rappers, there is no doubt this visual reference was ideal for Fab’s Summertime Sadness record. Visualizing the struggles in being both the villain and hero at some point in life- it links so in sync with the substantial, lyrical content of both rappers.

Highlighting the ultimate battle- the “mirror scene” and detailing the rappers reciting each other’s’ rhymes; as shown in the movie, just proves how the efforts in Fab’s videos coincides with the efforts his lyrics. Both rappers speaking on relatable topics about losing friends- (“Nothing more stressful than burying your best bull” – Fab; “I was born in the summer, Malik died in the summer…” – Dave), to street wisdom- (“My old head that used to rob, dropped the best jewels. He said you’re failure’s gunna teach you to be successful” – Fab), to describing their struggle – (“I can’t worry about ISIS my life is trifling. Affording dollar slices just praying they don’t indict us” – Dave); triad with the comfort of Lana Del Rey’s vocals makes Summertime Sadness a tattooed favorite. Adding the classic “Face/Off” visual reference just added the gold to each desert eagle. In the words, and reenactment hand clap of Castor Troy- “Bra-Fuckin-Vo!”


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Fabolous Bow Wow Chris Brown shut down Drai’s Nightclub Vegas!

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(March 13, 2016), rapper Fabolous took the Drai’s LIVE stage for an unforgettable full-length concert performance at Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell in Las Vegas. Partygoers met the “You Be Killin Em” rapper with enormous cheers as he dropped a full set of high-energy hits like “She Wildin’,” “Ball Drop” and more. Following his appearance at the nightclub on Saturday, Drai’s resident artist Chris Brown returned to the Drai’s LIVE stage for a surprise performance at the dazzling rooftop venue alongside Fabolous. Later in the night, Fabolous invited revelers to join him in singing “Happy Birthday” to rapper and actor Bow Wow, who was celebrating the occasion at the venue with friends. Bow Wow took a break from enjoying his VIP booth to join Fabolous onstage for a surprise performance.

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