T.I. Has Released An Open Letter To Donald Trump

As I share my thoughts, I want to first say that it’s easy to allow one’s frustration and angst to lead to reckless and harmful rhetoric that can cause irreparable damage. With that said, I want to be responsible, honest and respectful, but in no way apologetic about the rage and resentment that many of US have been suppressing for far too long. In turn, I hope that we can be equally as honest about the prejudice, bias and narrow-mindedness that many of US have felt our nation has been disguising and denying for far too long.
As you transition into your role as the President of the United States, you will undoubtedly be one of the most watched people in the history of the world. So, I can’t help but ask in the midst of our nation’s calamity and discord: What do you want US to see?

Maybe I should take the time to share what many of US would like you to see. Should it ever at times seem as though WE are against YOU, I assure you it’s a result of YOU defining yourself as the representative for those who are and who always have been against US. The deck has always been stacked against US in this country. With every generation there has been strategic steps taken to oppress, imprison and control US. All we’ve ever wanted was equality and empathy as the historically disenfranchised citizens that we are, in a nation that we’ve contributed to just as much as anyone else who calls America their home.

– T.I. (Full Letter)

T.I. has decided to reach out to the upcoming president Donald Trump in an open letter. It is important for the African Amerian community to be heard by the U.S. president and we all have to make the best of the situation. Barack Obama will be missed!

Take A Look At The Upcoming Supreme Uptempo Nike Release

Call your plugs now.

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Nike and Supreme have joined forces for a re-release of the Nike Uptempo. These sneakers will feature the word “Supreme” instead of “Air.” No word yet on the release date or price.



Watch Barack Obama’s Farewell Address

Unfortunately Barack Obama’s run as president of the United States is coming to an end. Donald Trump’s inauguration will officially take place January 20th. Watch Obama say recap his time as president and bid farewell to the people of the U.S.


Fabolous’ Flicks: New Balance 247 Luxe Launch

Fabolous and Jadakiss helped New Balance celebrate the release of their 247 Luxe line at a private dinner in New York this week. Following the dinner was a special performance at Foot Locker in Herald Square. New Balance gifted Fabolous and Jadakiss limited edition “Freddy vs. Jason” New Balance 247 sneakers designed by Mache. The pack features a special design with colors reflecting the classing horror villains. You can but the New Balance 247 Luxe sneakers now and “Freddy vs. Jason” is on the way.