Fabolous On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine



How did your business relationship with Roc Nation manifest?

Lenny [Santiago] was always my A&R on my Def Jam projects and I know Jay Brown from Elektra days. Even Jay-Z and Ty Ty, they’re all like family to me. But I got rid of my old management end of 2013 because I just felt like it was time to make a different move. It’s so long that you can just ride straight. You have to swerve a little bit. So [after we parted] I was trying to figure it out because I really wanted to build the brand, take it to another level. Roc came to me like we know what you do. We just want to build on what you do. I don’t just need management. I need someone who’s gonna come in and put some moves in place that will look bigger than last year.

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Buscemi 125mm By Raif Adelberg



The one of a kind BUSCEMI 125mm created in collaboration with Raif serves as a gallery of his heritage and artwork. Ascending from the world of skateboarding, the Raif Adelberg 125mm is embroidered with parodies of iconic skate brand imagery. Hand crafted in the luxury footwear capital of the world Civitanova, Italy. The midsole introduces BUSCEMI’s first footwear offering featuring a deerskin leather-wrap. Produced in 2 color ways, the BUSCEMI 125mm by Raif Adelberg is available at select retailers and jonbuscemi.com. 125mm in height.
via Buscemi ($1,150)