The Porsche Museum


Having opened its doors early 2009, the Delugan Meissl-designed Porsche Museum was built with the intentions of educating and inspiring visitors by virtue of the automotive manufacturer’s 80-plus years of history, and with the help of some of the most beautifully-designed sports cars of our time. Sitting on three large V-shaped columns, the colossal 5,600 square-metre building offers the illusion of floating and was designed to attract visitors in a welcoming manner. The Porsche Museum is comprised of four main sectors; The Museum on Wheels, an ever-changing exhibition that sees a different focus on the various 520 models on hand; The Archive, 2,000 meters of shelf-space dedicated to the preserving of Porsche history; The Workshop, an open area where master craftsmen and mechanics work on the prized inventory; and finally, The Shop, a treasure trove to any enthusiast looking to take a bit of the Porsche brand back home with them. For those that have never had a chance to visit the museum, the video above should give you a better look at the ongoing commitments the brand has towards educating the public on its rich history.