New Music Alert: Kehlani


Everyone has been waiting for this new comer Kehlani to bless us with her 1st Album entitled “You Should Be Here” after her mixtape Cloud 19 took off with such great buzz we have all been waiting to see what is in store! My favorite track so far might be Jealous! Take a listen!

Fabolous On The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine


Rolling Out: One of the things that has separated you from other rappers is your ability to use wit within your lyrics. Although lyricism appears to be a lost art these days, why is it important for you to hold onto a high standard of lyricism?

Fabolous: I challenge myself not to write the same one-liner hooks. Lyrics have gotten simpler because the listener’s patience has gotten shorter. But sometimes it can just be a catchy line that sticks with people as well. With me, I just try to challenge myself, challenge the listeners a little bit, and express myself in different ways. Even if I’m selling the same story, there are all these different things happening where you could say it in a different way. There are different ways of creating music. So I think that people can explore that and exercise it. Don’t just say, ”all right, we’re going to make a song and just say turn the club up.” There are other ways to say that.
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