Big Sean for The Coveteur

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Big Sean for The Coveteur

“Pretty much before I record a song, I meditate. I really feel like it’s a spiritual process. Man, I get my mind right, I close my eyes, I concentrate on my breathing. I visualize myself getting to feel the light and connecting to a higher power. I take 10-15 minutes, then I go down there and start vibe-ing out.”

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Beyonce X Giuseppe Zanotti



Bey is set to collaborate with Giuseppe Zanotti ” In an interview with Forbes, Zanotti revealed, unsurprisingly, that she “has very clear ideas. She knows what she wants.” And how does she compare to other celebrities? “Few are like Beyonce. She’s complete,” the designer, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and Kid Cudi, pointed out. ” No set date on when this collaboration will be released but I am at the edge of my seat waiting.