A Look At The HYT H3 Timepiece

The H3 is the third release from The Hydromechanical Horologists. Only 25 watches will be made in titanium & platinum. More on the watch below.

The HYT H3 dial will display the time in a 24-hour versus 12-hour format. To understand how the time is read, you need to realize that all 24 hours are put on a line of six cubes that turn each six hours to display a new row of numbers. This is viewed in junction with the liquid indicator bar which moves thanks to the bellows system that can be seen at the top right and left of the movement. A pusher on the side of the case manually turns the row of hour marker cubes to help set the time. Under the hour indicator area is a view of the balance wheel to the left and a retrograde minute indicator to the center-right. Further right is a function indicator that changes as you pull out the crown.
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